Best Broadway Revivals

When you are the subject of a revival, there is always a risk that you will miss the target, even if the original was super successful and the revival had a pretty strong run. It could be considered a classic, but in reality, it is not as classic as you think, especially if you have fallen victim to this disease yourself. That’s why we’ve decided to pick some of the best Broadway revivals, and that’s the risk theatres are willing to take for themselves.


Last Conquest is the story of Colonel Juan Domingo Peron, who is finally elected president and makes Eva his first lady. Che, the narrator, is not spared the details of his meteoric rise, and the show rises to the level of one of the most successful musicals of all time on Broadway.

European tour, which was received with mixed feelings, and then began a two-year tour of the US, during which he was accused of money laundering. The foundation stone for a new musical about the life and death of his wife Eva Peron in New York City was laid.

However, he suffered from cancer, and at the same time his health deteriorated during his political career. Evita Peron died on October 1, 1983, at the age of 65, after a battle with cancer in a Buenos Aires hospital.


Oklahoma is the last Tony Award winner to be nominated for best revival on Broadway since 2002 (2019). The two masterminds of musical theater created one of the most successful musicals in Broadway history. If the pattern continues, Oklahoma will return for a second attempt in 2019.

The whole story revolves around a social square dance held together by two young men, Curl and Jud, and their love interest, Laurey. Jud attacks the young cowboy with a knife and later falls in love with him and dies, but the classic Broadway love triangle heats up when the two younger men take blows, with Laurely first throwing herself at Jud and then doing the same to him. Later Jud falls in love with the best friend of the younger cowboy and square-dancer Curly. In the last act of the musical, she returns to him, only to find him again.

Les Misérables

Many superstars have graced the stage in this musical classic, including John Travolta, Robert De Niro, John Cusack and many others. It was shown both on screen and stage, and there were many different versions of the story, such as the original Broadway version, the film version and the television version starring Robert Redford and Herbert Schlesinger, Jr.

West Side Story

This masterpiece on New York’s Upper West Side tells the story of a racially divided gang of gangsters in the midst of the Great Depression. The two groups face off and agree to settle their scores after two members, Tony and Maria, fall in love during a dance. Tony tries to broker peace but fails by killing Bernardo in his rage and shooting Chino, his best friend. When Riff, another of Tony’s best friends, is killed by his brother, he tries to broker peace, but also fails and is shot himself.

Tony’s body is swept away by both sides and the feud ends, but only when the suspected death of his best friend, who wants to take his own life, fails.


Chicago is the longest Broadway revival of all time, and this variety masterclass is probably the greatest Broadway revival of all time.

The current production has been on stage since 1996 and won the 1997 Tony Award for best revival on Broadway. Young upstart Roxie Hart steals the show from veteran Velma Kelly, and it’s one of the best musicals in Broadway history.

Roxie is desperate to prolong her 15 minutes of fame at all costs, and she is prepared to fail miserably in the end. She finds a new field, then steals a trick lawyer, but fails and has to work her way out of it.

It was difficult to reduce the top Broadway revivals to five, but I would like to add a few honourable mentions. Despite its controversy, this revival was a risk worth taking, and it is still one of the best of its kind in the West End.

There’s more bromance here than goofballs on Broadway, and it’s here to give you a good laugh. All Broadway revivals are great, but in some way these top Broadway shows will breathe new life into the show and attract new audiences.

Do you know how to become an actor in musical theatre and how to become one of the best actors in the world with this list of the best Broadway revivals?

We can’t wait for the Tony Awards!

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