Broadway Christmas Albums: Carols on Stage!

It’s time for a few Broadway Christmas albums, and the audience isn’t disappointed with new pop-ups and branding that can be laid under the tree. You can pre-order the full list of Broadway Christmas albums here. The newly released album includes songs by Kristen Anderson – Lopez and Jennifer Lopez, as well as a number of new songs from the cast and crew of the Broadway production “Frozen 2.” Kristen Anderson and Lopez themselves are reunited on the album with their starring roles in Disney’s “Frozen 2,” and there’s a new song by the duo, “A Christmas Carol for the New Year,” as well as a special guest appearance by Anna Kendrick.

Disney’s “Frozen 2”

Frozen 2 “features a stunning soundtrack that includes songs by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Jennifer Lopez, as well as a number of new songs from the cast and crew of the Broadway production” F Frozen 2, “with a special guest appearance from Anna Kendrick. Season of Love is a collection of swinging Christmas classics and brand new, original songs that will live on for many years to come. One of the favorite Broadway Christmas albums of the youngest!

Frozen 2 “is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, written by Lee and produced by Peter Del Vecho. The Oscar-winning team behind Frozen is back, and the music of the Lopezes and Christophe Beck is part of our DNA like in Frozen, “Buck said. 

Lea Michele Christmas in the City

The incredible music really allowed us to deepen and expand the story, and we could not have imagined that Frozen 2 would continue the success of the first film with a new cast, new music and new characters. It brings a richer emotional understanding of the world and characters, as well as a whole new level of depth and depth of storytelling. 

Carols for a Cure: Volume 21

The fight against AIDS has been one of the most important causes in the world of music and entertainment for over twenty years. The songs of the season are both classic and new, from award-winning Broadway musicals to the latest movies and TV series. Have a Merry Little Christmas, “the album developed by Broadway stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Hudson and John Leguizamo, features a collection of Christmas classics performed by a cast of Broadway alumni and Criss Cross, including LeA (c) leA, selected to premiere at the New York Philharmonic Orchestra’s annual New Year’s Concert. 

I’m not too proud of who I am, but I’d rather not admit it because it’s so much more important than I thought. 

Ana Gasteyer Sugar & Booze

Have a Merry Christmas, “which entertainer and presenter John Barrowman will release on Decca Records. Broadway Carols by the Cure Band (21) is also available at participating theaters and retail stores in the U.S. and Canada. I am too ashamed to be ashamed of myself, but I am not too proud of who I am because of what I have done. 

John will also be accompanied by his wife Ana Gasteyer, who will soon unveil a brand new duet and sweeten the holidays with her own version of “Merry Christmas” with John Barrowman. Christmas is just around the corner and it’s the most beautiful time of the year. 

This bespoke collection reflects the past Christmas of the 1950s and 1960s and is a feast of nostalgic yearnings. The Stage Door, with original songs by Gaston, including “Rudolph the Red – Nosed Reindeer,” “Merry Christmas” and “A Christmas Carol,” as produced by John’s wife, Ana Gasteyer. When stars of yesteryear sing their own versions of Christmas carols from the past, present and future on Broadway, it’s a feast of things. 

A Vintage Broadway Christmas

This collection includes a glittering selection of favorite songs from Broadway stars, many of whom are making their debut on CD. This collection of Christmas classics includes original songs by the stars of “Rudolph the Red – Nasnreiniger,” “A Christmas Carol” and “Merry Christmas.” Maya Rudolph, the Cuban who beat Santa Claus “and many other songs from the past and present. 

Christmas at Birdland

This is the Christmas performance you want and draw on the talents of the stars of “A Christmas Carol,” “Rudolph the Red – Nasnreiniger” and “Merry Christmas.” This Christmas show tune gives you a look back at some of Broadway’s most popular Christmas songs from the past, present and future. The performers include “Call me a mister” and “Sleeping Beauty” as well as a number of other classic Christmas songs. 

Billy and Jim Klea bring unique talent that makes this trio unstoppable, and the best of New York and Nashville are brought together in this groundbreaking recording. 

Streaming is the new normal!

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