Costumes of Wicked: The Land of Oz Style!

Wicked is one of the standard-bearers of modern Broadway, and the trademark costume is evil. The story is popular for several reasons, but the show is seemingly immortal because it has as much success as its costumes. Evil, everyone is transported effortlessly to the land of Oz and their trademark all the wacky costumes of Wicked.


Costumes for Wicked range from the standard wearers of modern Broadway theatre, such as Wicked Witch of the West End, to the more exotic, such as the Witches of Oz, and even the Wicked Witches.

The idea was to lift a piece of earth and send it into space, and the vision was based on Edwardian costumes that have been trendy since the book was published, as the Tony Award-winning designer noted. It’s our responsibility to create a culture, not just a costume, “says Andrew Lloyd Webber, costume designer of Wicked Witch of the West End.


The two main protagonists, Elphaba and Glinda, are completely different personalities, and therefore the costumes should be very different.

Susan Hilferty decided to put Elphaba on the ground, and although she was born very high up, she is very humble and down to earth – on the earth.

The color to which it responds is as if it were looking at a stone or an earth stone, but it is actually full color, and it is a very beautiful color.

We designed it to look like the lines you see on a piece of earth, and we sewed the layers together with 40 meters of fabric so that you have a continuous feeling of being on earth.


When Elphaba is on Earth, Glinda is in the air, so the dress must match her light, bubbly personality. Our signature blue dress is based on the famous Dior dress from the 1950s and adds extra glamour to the show’s spectacular dresses.

Susan uses the word “bubble” when talking about her dress, taking inspiration from the bubble machine created by the wizards. Glinda’s sole purpose is to defy gravity and see the part, and Mrs. Morrible plays the part with a lot of humor and a big smile on her face.


The inspiration for her dress is the Edwards-era academic dress, and the predominant color is red, a symbol of passion and aspiration. At one point she compares her look to that of Queen Elizabeth, but the colors predominate, red and white, symbols of passions and longings.

In the canon, she has the ability to transform, but she changes clothes so often that her clothes change. Later, Elphaba begins to wear fur and feathers as if she had fallen into a trap. It’s the first time the show’s villain has been revealed, should he be revealed.

Let us not forget that this is a prince, a truly royal, and that the young heir to the throne has had military training many times. In this costume, the brave but careless boy looks a lot like a middle-ranking officer looking for a captain.

The green color originally used is inspired by the earth and can be seen as a nod to Elphaba’s dress, but also as an indication of the color of her hair.


Wicked is a fascinating show, and its costumes are fascinating, but its fantastic costumes transform talented people into fantastic beings from another dimension. The sheer size of the production, combined with the purely theatrical value of the play, including the setting, acting, and music, makes it one of, if not the greatest, Broadway productions ever.

It is one of the best Broadway productions of all time and it is best on Broadway, not only for the musical numbers but also for the costumes and performances.

Have you seen any good revivals lately?

Author: todor