Girl Power Songs on Broadway!

This week we’ve put together 12 powerful songs from the musical that will encourage, inspire and prepare you to celebrate with your fellow sisters. The acclaimed pop concert musical, which will premiere on Broadway in 2020, allows Henry VIII’s infamous “six wives” to rewrite their history and give themselves the happy ending they deserve. Ladies and gentlemen, now you can start your day with a few show tunes, I am ready for you! Here are some girl power songs on Broadway!

Glinda and Elphaba

If you are like Elphaba and Glinda, it is time to trust your instincts, close your eyes and take the plunge to the goals you want to achieve. In this popular musical, a young woman endures tragedy, manages to find her true self, and offers some of the most empowering lyrics ever. I believe you have everything you need to live a generous life And if you love yourself and live with love, you become as big as a big tree.

The Schuyler Sisters

What better way to start the day than with a beautiful, low-key choral number from one of the most popular musicals of all time? Whether you’re jamming in the bedroom with solo dances or preparing for an evening out with your girlfriend in the city, every little thing is perfect.

This particular gem is one of my favorite pieces and it is a perfect addition to any playlist, especially if you are looking for relaxation. Modern musicals are full of powerful female musical numbers, but sometimes, as a waitress, you hear “sugar, butter, and flour” from the soundtrack for the first time.

The Lioness Hunt

Maybe you won’t be working today, or maybe you won’t be going to an appointment you’re afraid of But maybe it’s just the weather.

You may not leave your bed for the weekend, but you can leave it for a theater visit, a visit to a friend, or even a movie night.

Maybe this song is about eliminating the haters and living a good life, but Barbra would say it’s all about the candy. You don’t bring the clouds to the parade for rain, life is like candy, and you can’t finish until you’re done, even if you’re a little late.


Grab two of your best girls and march with this wild trio of women and your sisters will surely change your day for the better with these girl power songs!

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