Horror Shows on Broadway: Boo!

Sometimes you need to cool down after the adrenaline rush, and Broadway offers some of the best fears that can scare you as much as you can as an adult. Here are the best horror shows on Broadway!


Lydia Deetz is a depressed teenage girl who has just lost her mother and has to move into a new house with her father. 

The house is haunted by Beetlejuice, a thousand-year-old demon whose great sadness is so profound that it is invisible to mortal eyes but to millennials. 

When we learn that Lydia can see, she puts the plot in the hands of her ex-boyfriend and his wife. She enjoys scaring investors and scouts, but when she learns that she can be seen by her ex-boyfriend’s wife and her new boyfriend, Lydia lets her go. 

Beetlejuice is unhappy because he cannot travel the world to scare the people around him. He tries to marry Lydia, but there is a mother who revives the recently deceased’s manual. 

He is sent to the Netherworld, where he meets Juno, who stalks him to reveal who she is and who Beetlejuice’s mother is. His plan backfires, he is thrown out of the cabin and has to return to eat a giant sandworm. The booth is actually his show, but he has no booth, and Juno throws him out and returns to his booth. 

The show is super dynamic, full of magic and mystery and can be a bit violent, but it is done in a light-hearted, warm and heartfelt way that makes it quite unique. This is a long classic about a friend who becomes the enemy of a corrupt government and a bad hero. It sheds light on the closed depression lost in adolescence, as well as the power of love and friendship in the face of adversity. 


Elphaba, the beloved Green Witch, is held responsible by a corrupt government for the evil deeds in the land of Oz, and her beloved Winkie, Prince Fiyero, is hired to fight them. He is supported by his friends and family, as well as the other characters in his life, such as his best friend, Princess Oz. 

In the end it becomes difficult when the guards crucify Fiyero, but Elphaba manages to save him in another form.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The Harry Potter saga has made it to Broadway, and it’s an action-packed, high-quality octane horror show with a great cast. Time travel and the confusion of timelines can be legitimately dangerous, especially if you do it as a player. 

After Voldemort wins the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Draco must save the boys by leaving a message on Harry’s baby blanket. Amos Diggory wants to revive Cedric, but he’s not happy that Voldemort has regained control of the Malfoy family and Voldemort Won the battle for the throne at Hogwarts. 

Two old rivals travel back to Godrics Hollow with a time to spare – and fight each other on their journey through time and space. 

Phantom of the Opera

What could be better than a mangled genius rejected by his now magically raging life? The beautiful Christine Daae has fallen in love with Raoul, a young man on the run from the phantom of opera. Christian’s kindness saves him, and they manage to bring him to his knees, but not before he falls in love with her. The phantom romps through the streets of New York City, killing a few people with a high-tech device that was aimed at humans in the late 19th century, which seems like a far-fetched idea for a science fiction horror film. 

Little Shop of Horrors

Seymour discovers that Audrey II, named after his beloved Audrey, feeds on human blood for the sake of the plant that promises happiness and fame. At first she refuses to put herself behind the human voice, but she turns out to be a plant that feeds on human blood and accepts everything as if she were the real Audrey. You have real, living people behind this plant and you get human voices, don’t you? 

In the end, Seymour and Audrey II bonded over their love for each other and they will be together for the rest of their lives, but not for long. 

This is a critically acclaimed show and a living Broadway classic, but there’s plenty to see in the horror on Broadway. Every now and then we need a good scare and horror shows on Broadway do just that by adding some of the best horror movies of all time and some of our favorite horror movies.

If you’re a fan of the horror genre, this list is for you, and if you just can’t skip it, give this cult classic that’s pretty much all horror shows on Broadway. If you are a fan of horror genres, this is definitely on your list as it is one of my favorite shows.¬†

Author: todor