Rules in Stagedooring For a Better Experience!

Are you familiar with the phenomenon of Stagedooring? That moment when your favorite Broadway superstars come out to meet and chat with the fans? We all love it, but there are some rules in Stagedooring to follow!

The Crowd

Most of the time the crowd in front of the stage is calm and friendly, but some fans will try to push themselves forward. If you can’t get ahead, other fans are usually happy to hand you a ticket or a signature.

Sometimes actors come every 10-15 minutes, so be prepared to wait up to an hour. Be ready when an actor comes out, but remember that actors take off their costumes and makeup and meet family, friends and special guests backstage. If you get home early or need to behave before picking up, there are good trains that go through the door to the stage.

In Hollywood

Hollywood celebrities usually sign a few things and then leave, leaving fans disappointed, but Broadway actors will continue to walk through the line. This means that you should have your photo taken backstage with the actor, his family, friends and special guests. If you’re not ready, the actors go and meet the fans, and you miss your chance.


It’s important to think about what the star should say first and what he or she will say, but it’s important to think it through beforehand.

When you bite, you can always pay the actor a general compliment and ask him an interesting question. Tell them that you liked their performance and they will appreciate it if you take the time to tell them something different than they have heard all along.

Also, some of the biggest stars will only want to sign for the shows they’re in, so try to avoid bringing merchandise from their other work for a sign – an autograph session. If you are standing near a busy stage door, ask the actor to sign only one thing for you.

In most cases, it is not necessary to bring your own pen, but it does not hurt to be prepared. If you are near a quiet stage door and have a certain crayon that you want the actor to use, you can bring it. When the actors leave the theatre, the director often gives them a little nudge to sign something.


Follow those rules in Stagedooring for a better experience for both you and your favorite celebrity. Make it a pleasant meeting, not stalking or a confrontation.

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Author: todor