Top Musicals that Haven’t Won Best Musical

In this list, we take a look at every Broadway musical that has gone down in history as a classic and made it to its Tony Awards. Here are the best musicals that haven’t won Best Musical.

Beauty and the Beast

Though critics shamefully twisted the Broadway version, audiences fell in love with the show and Tony voters shared their feelings, and Beauty and the Beast continued to leave a lasting impression on the stage. Despite receiving nine Tony nominations and won for costumes, she went on to win best musical for Stephen Sondheim’s musical adaptation of Les Miserables, despite four nominations in total. Passion won four Tonys in total, but only one for the costume design of the musical.

When Beauty and the Beast hit theaters, it was hailed as the best animated film of all time, not to mention one of the greatest musicals. The next logical step was to adapt the Best Picture nominee to the stage, and that didn’t go down as a Tony, as you might think.

Into the Woods

The original Broadway show won three Tony Awards and is expected to compete against The Phantom of the Opera for best musical. The Phantom has since overtaken Les Miserables as the longest-running show in Broadway history and is also one of Sondheim’s most popular musicals. In the Woods has been in the spotlight since 2002, when it won the best revival, but has also been considered one of its best operas in numerous other productions, including the 2014 feature film.

Miss Saigon

Against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, the story of a Star Wars lover had a lot to offer, not only in terms of plot but also in character development.

The London import was a huge hit, breaking box office records and winning three Tonys, but that didn’t stop him from performing on Broadway for nearly a decade. The story was inspired by the iconic opera Madame Butterfly, and the composer worked on the monster hit Les Miserables. Some claim Miss Saigon has suffered under the astronomical hype and controversy among the cast, with backlash from backlash.


Holliday won both a Tony and a Grammy for his stop-start show. Dreamgirls lost the best musical Tony to nine despite winning the Grammy for Best Musical Album.

Winners or not, we’re still not sure if we love Dreamgirls, but we’re still not sure if we loved them. All three shows came to Broadway with the expectation that they would be front runners – runners. The race was a two-man race, with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat also in the race.


Arriving on Broadway in the midst of the sexual revolution, Hair became one of the most popular musicals of its time. The themes of war and peace remain clearly relevant as a product of those late 1960s.

Of the two shows, Hair was the radical change that ushered the rock music genre into a new era and ultimately won Best Revival in 2009. Rather than looking to the future or the present, Tony voters in 1969 preferred the past and awarded the prize for best musical. Like Hamilton, 17 was a play about the birth of the United States and ultimately successful enough to secure its place in musical theatre history.

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